How To Get The Vendor Master List


How to make a list of vendor (active and non active) sorted by name?
How do I generate a report showing all active vendors with their corresponing vendor code in SAP? 

Report for Vendor List is "S_ALR_87012086"

Info Records Per Vendor is "ME1L"

Use T.code ME2O for Subcontracting stock monitoring per vendor.

MCE3 : Vendor analysis Selection

MCVA : Vendor Analysis Lot Overview

MCVA : Vendor Analysis Lot Overview

MCVB : General Results for Vendor

MCVC : Vendor Analysis - Qty Overvie

MCVD : Quant. Results for Vendor

MCVE : Vendor Analysis Quality Score

MCVG : Vendor Analysis - Lot Numbers

MCVI : Vendor Analysis - Quantities

MCVK : Vendor Analysis - Effort

MCVM : Vendor Analyis - Level & Disp

MCVO : Vendor Analysis - Lots Overview

ME2L : Purchase Orders by Vendor

You can also create SAP Query using the folling table names:

LFA1 - Vendor master

LFB1 - Vendor per company code

LFB5 - Vendor dunning data

LFM  - Purchasing organization data

LFM2 - Purchasing data

LFBK - Bank details

SAP Query can be created using SQ02, SQ03 & SQ01

How to get a report on vendors list by company codes wise with account group?

1) List of vendors company codes wise 

SAP Easy access -> SAP Menu -> Accounting -> Financial Accounting -> Vendors -> Information System -> Reports for Account Payable Accounting -> Master Data 
-> S_ALR_87012086 - VENDOR LIST

2) List of vendors company codes wise with account group wise

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