How To See MAP Of a Material On a Past Date

MR21 is a manual change, while the GR is a automatic change.

You will not have any transaction that shows you all the MAP changes with date and time.

You would have to developed your own ABAP or procedure to capture all changes.

You could create a Z-table and copy stock and price every day. But this is still just a daily number, if the value changes more than one time during a day, 

You will not see it then.  But you can certainly see when the price started to jump.

I often use a mix of MR51 and Excel. 

Run MR51, add column for entry date, sort it in sequence of entry date. 

Download it to Excel. 

Add a first line with quantity and value from last periods record from table MBEW and calculate the price. 

Then you can start calculating the MAP for each and every line.


Check SAP note 202166 on negative MAP.

Please check and Confirm:

Total stock ( Qty ) and MAP shown in Material master accounting View.

Also check content from SAP notes this may be useful to you.

Symptom :

You post invoice documents with online transactions of the Logistics Invoice Verification.

When you update the Moving Average Price (MAP) under certain constellations it results in the effect that the MAP becomes constantly smaller until it goes towards 0, or the system generates error message M8 783 'Moving average price for material is negative: ...'.

Reason and Prerequisites 

The invoice price is constantly less than the goods receipt price.

The invoice verification tries (in stock coverage) to subsequently debit resp. to credit the difference between value of goods received and invoice item value to the stock.

Example: Purchase order with price of 5,00 EUR/PC

Total stock: 0 PC Total value: 0,00 EUR Moving average price: 0

1.) Goods receipt of 10 PC with 5,00 EUR per piece.

Total stock: 10 PC Total value: 50,00 EUR Moving average price: 5,00

2.) Invoice of 10 PC with 3,00 EUR per piece.

The difference to the goods receipt is 2,00 EUR * 10 PC, amounting to 20,00 EUR. In the stock coverage phase the stock value is now reduced by this amount and thus the MAP reduces.

Total stock: 10 PC Total value: 30,00 EUR Moving average price: 3,00

In case of several invoices with too low a price the total value can reduce to such an extent that the MAP goes towards zero.

Solution :

This effect is the logical consequence both in a business aspect and in a posting aspect if invoices are valued with a price lower than the goods receipts.

In the inverse case the moving average price increases if invoices are valued with a price higher than the goods receipts.

With Transactions MR21/MR22 you can increase the price/stock value again - if required.

Furthermore, you can define tolerance limits in the Customizing for the MAP price variance (Transaction OMC0, tolerance key VP).


You can see the MAP:

- Check tcode ME1P

- or table S031

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