IMG MM Transaction Codes Organizational Structures

These are the steps to configure the organization structures in material management:

Define plant (create plant) - Follow below path

SPRO IMG < enterprise structure > < Definition > <Logistic general > <define,copy,delete check plant > <copy, delete check plant > <copy from 1000 > give your own plant name <SAVE>

Now your created your own plant 

Define Storage Location - Follow below path

SPRO IMG < Enterprice Structure > < Definition > <Material Management> <maintain storage location> <New entries> <enter plant> <save>

Now you created your storage location.

Define Purchase Organisation - Follow Below Path

SPRO IMG < Enterprise structure> <definition> <material management> <maintain purchase organisation> <New entries> <purchase org> <purchase organisation description> <SAVE>

Now you created your purchase organisation in your own.

Now we see How To Assign This To Your Own Company Code

Follow The Path To Assign

Assign Plant To Company Code

SPRO IMG <enterprise structure> <Assignment> <Logistic General> <Assign plant to company code> <select your own plants and delete> and choose your company code click on assign there you will find your deleted plant  click on your plant click on tick mark.

Now your plant assigned to the company code.

Assign Purchase Organisation To Company Code

SPRO IMG <enterprise structure> < Assignment> <Material Management> < assign purchase organisation to company code >  select your pur org and delete click on assign and select your pur org click on tick mark.

Now your purchase organisation is assiged to company code.

Futher help:

How to create same storage location for all my plant?

OX09 to create storage location for plant wise

We found there is a mistake in valuation class in material masters.   We need to find the material and their no. 
Do we have any mass t code to find and rectify the issue?

MM60 to get the list of materials, then goto MM17 - to update the valuation class in material master for mass update.

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