Inventory Beginning Balances

We will go live in 1st of November and I have been assigned the job of perfroming the inital stock upload. Some materials are managed with standard price and some with moving average.  What is the normal way. Any help will be greatly appreciated since it is my first time doing this and i have little experience as a consultant. 

When you transfer the stocks of material from the legacy system into SAP the initial enrty of inventory is done through mvt. type 561. You normally do this entry via batch input. 

The valuation of the inventory data depends on two factors: 
1. The price control procedure and prices defined in the accounting view of the material. 
2. Whether you have entered a value for quantity to be transferred. 

This is what happens for materials with Standard Price: 
1.The initial entry will be valued at Standard Price defined in the material master. 
2. If a different value is entered in the batch input data, this difference is posted in the price difference account. 

This is what happens for materials with Moving Average Price: 
1. Whatever value you have entered for the intial data entry in the batch input is used to valuate the quantity transferred. 
2  If initial inventory value in batch input / inventory quantity differs from the MAP, the MAP is changed when you do the initial entry of the inventory data. 
3. However if you have not maintained a value for the initial entry in the batch input the quantity transferred is valuated according to the MAP and the price does not change in this case. 

You can add a new material to the material master and set a beginning balance on it by using transaction MB1C.

The following are instructions for doing so :

Path: Logistics *Materials management * Inventory management * Goods movement * Goods receipt *Other

Field Data :
Document Date Today’s date 
Posting Date Today’s date 
Movement Type 561 (will automatically enter) 
Plant 3000 (or plant you are using) 
Storage Location 0001 (or location you are using)

On top of screen select: Movement type *Receipt * Init.stck entry (own) * To unrestricted

Hit the white on green checkmark.

Now enter Item Material Quantity
1 Material # Quantity (Press tab 4 times to enter next item)
2 Material # Quantity


Write down the Document #________________

You may get an error saying: “G/L account 399999 blocked for posting in company code 3000”. To unblock the account, you can do the following :

Accounting>Financial Accounting>GL>Master records>Individual processing>Centrally.
Enter the GL account 399999 and the company code (3000).
On the menu, open GL account, then choose Block.
On the block GL account centrally screen, deselect all the boxes and save. 
You may have to do this for account 79999 and company code 3000 if you want a beginning balance on Finished Goods.



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