Key Challenges Implementing Material Master

This question is being answered on a very broad level.  

The key challenges differ from implementation to implementation and client to client but overall there is great deal of commonality.  They are not necessarily in order but you can use it as reference point to generate more ideas.

1. Challenges related to Business Processes

2. Challenges related to Technical issue

3. Challenges related to Change Management (People Management)

4. Challenges related to Project Management and Methodologies.

5. Challenges related to Master Data

6. Challenges related to Training

On Business processes 

- Defining to be process.

- Acceptance of the new process by the Client, Local, regulatory and statutory requirements affecting the Process availability of client team for process mapping,
- Reluctance to change and so on...

On Technical side 

- Challenges run from infrastructure (Server/Connectivity) Inadequate, 

- Networking not Ok,

- Landscape design not ok and so on.

Change management

- User awareness and participation is a key issue.

- Managing the fears and resistance to change is another challenge.

Project Management 

- Some of the issues 

-- Project governance not happening,

-- Change management not satisfactory, 

-- Scope creep,

-- KPI not monitored.

Master Data

- Too many files, 

- Redundant data, 

- No ownership of Data, 

- Technical and functional validation ownership


- Language,

- Understanding of the users,

- Content

Material Master Data challenges :

1. Selection and finalization of the views.

2. Responsibility matrix for each view.

3. Field mapping into Must have, desirable, nice to have fields.

4. Technical validation of the data.

5. Functional validation of the data.

6. Material master upload file format.

7. Data Cleansing.

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