Master Data Questions Answers You Need To Know

1. What is Master data in MM module?

The master data in the MM module acts as reference data, defining various business entities and playing a key role in the core operation of the business.

2. How is master data important in MM module?

The master data in the MM module contains all of the basic information needed to manage material. The data is stored and sorted on the basis of different criteria, such as the descriptive nature of the material (size, dimension, and weight) and the control functions of the material (material type and industry sector). Apart from data maintained by the user, the master data also stores data that is automatically updated by the system (such as stock levels).

3. What are the various types of master data in MM module?

The different types of master data in the MM module are as follows:

  • Material master
  • Vendor master
  • Purchasing information record
  • Source list
  • Quota arrangement
4. What is a Material Master file?

A material master file stores and maintains all of the information related to managing a material. The material master is sorted on the basis of different criteria.

5. Why are material master records used in SAP?

Material master records are used in the SAP R/3 system to manage material-specific data. The material information stored in material master records is used by all logistics areas in the SAP R/3 system. The material master records integrate all material-specific data into a single database object that eliminates the problem of data redundancy. Because material master records store data in a single database object, the same data can be shared by all departments, such as purchasing, inventory management, materials planning, and invoice verification.

6. How is the information of material master records updated?

You can manually update the information in the material master records, however, there are some exceptions for which the information can be updated by the SAP R/3 system only, for example, administrative data.

7. What are the types of industry sectors defined in Material Master data?

The different types of industry sectors defined in the material master data are as follows:

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Beverage
  • Chemical industry
  • Food and related products
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plant engineering/construction
  • Retail
  • Retailing
  • Service providers
8. What data in material master is maintained at the client level?

The general data, i.e., the data applicable to the company as a whole, is stored at the client level.

9. What are the data in material master that are maintained at the company code level?

The data that is specific to a particular company and the plant and storage areas assigned to that company is maintained at the company code level.

10. What are the plant-specific data in material?

The MRP data and forecast data are the plant-specific data in the material master.

11. What is the lot size attribute of a material?

The lot size attribute represents the reorder quantity for a material. A material can have a periodic, optimum, or static (fixed) lot size.

12. How is material information structured in material master records?

Material information is structured in material master records on the basis of different criteria, such as the material's master detail (including its name, size, dimension, and weight), which shows its descriptive nature, and the material's detail related to control functions (such as material type, price control, and industry sector). Material master records also store information about the data that can be automatically updated by the system. For example, the stock level can be automatically updated by the system on the basis of the material data update.


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