Material Master Multiple Choice Questions Answers

1) The standard R/3 System contains the following industry sectors. The ID used to identify the industry sector internally appears in parentheses.
A. Plant engineering and construction (A)
B. Chemical industry (C)
C. Mechanical engineering (M)
D. Pharmaceuticals (P)
2) When you create a material master record, the material type you choose determines:
A. Whether the material is intended for a specific purpose,
B. Whether the material number can be assigned internally or externally
C. The number range from which the material number is taken
D. Which screens appear and in what sequence
3) You can create or extend a material master record in one of the following ways:
A. Immediately
B. By scheduling it
4) Maintain all material master records as fully as possible, users need the following information:
A. User departments that need to extend a material master record
B. Material master records that a user department needs to extend
5) You can change the data contained in a material master record in one of the following ways:
A. Immediately
B. By scheduling the change
C. None of above
6) Change documents contain the following information:
A. When the change was made
B. Who made the change
C. What value the field contained before and after the change

7) When flagging a material master record for deletion, you have the following options:
A. Setting the deletion flag with immediate effect
B. Scheduling the setting of the deletion flag
C. None of above
8) A material master record for industry contains the following subject areas:
A. Accounting
B. Basic Data
C. Classification
D. Costing
E. Forecasting
F. Materials Planning
G. Production Resources and Tools
H. Purchasing
9) With the Information about the Material you can display the following information on any main or additional screen:
A. Industry and type of material
B. Whether the material is marked for deletion, on what organizational level it has been marked for deletion, and who set the deletion indicator, at what time
C. Who created the departmental data on which organizational level, and / or who changed it last
10) The change documents offer more detailed information. You can find more information under:
A. Change Document
B. Displaying Change Documents and Relevant Changes
C. None of above
Correct Answers
1) A, B, C, D
2) A, B, C, D
3) A, B
4) A, B
5) A, B
6) A, B, C
7) A, B
8) A, B, C, D, G
9) A, B, C
10) A, B


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