MC.9 Correction and Comparison With GL Accounts 

The MC.9 report is a Logistics Information Systems (LIS) report using tables S031 and S032. The tables in LIS are usually updated monthly at the end of each period.
Correction program for updating info structure S039, MC.9 report.
The program used for MC.9 is RMCB0300.
It is related to info structure S039.

1. Information structure S039 does not contain actual data.
2. In the standard analyses of Inventory Controlling, table S039 is specified in the selection log.

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Cause and prerequisites:
The Inventory Controlling data is kept in two information structures for technical reasons::
1. S031: Material movement data on monthly basis (weeks ... and so on)
2. S032: Current stocks and stock values

Table S039 is used as view in reporting that links tables S031 and S032 and furthermore contains all additional fields that are not stored in the database but are only calculated from other key figures at runtime.

Example: Range of coverage.

Furthermore, table S039 has the following function:

a) storing planned figures for planned/actual comparisons in the standard analysis.
b) creating a flexible analysis in Inventory Controlling. Table S039 is used as reference. Note that the actual data must be written to table S039 by report RMCBS039. 


The behavior corresponds to the design.

There is a standard report MC.9, in which the current stocks will appear. 

In my company there are matching with some of the g/l accounts.  But my doubt is, mc.9 is giving current stock and value.  How can it be matched with g/l accounts as g/l accounts include the values of already happened values.

You can compare the G/L account values from MC.9 with the Balance from transaction FS10N.

I have noticed this report is correct in most of the cases.

OBY6 - for your company code check the fiscal year variant from the company code details.

OB29 - select the fiscal year variant, click on periods.

Here you can see the Month, Day , Period.

For e.g. if your fiscal year variant is V3.

Just check if the 3rd month ends on day 31st, & 4th month ends on 30th. if this setting is present then the reports should tally.

Usually these do not tally & the reports show different values.

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