ME52N Change Quantity In PR Generated by MRP

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Within PP subcontracting process, PR are generated with a defined quantity depending on production order data.
Sometimes, this quantity is not the good one (because of scraps for example), therefore we would like to modify manually via ME52N the quantity of the PR before converting it into a PO but the field is display only.
If anyone is aware of a customization that could "unlock" this field?

Please note that the PR is a standard PR (NB) and that I can perform the modification if the PR has been created manually.


The field selection for the requisition from the Production order is different than the normal standard manually created PR.
You need to go to the "Define Screen Layout at Document Level" for the Purchase requisition with the below navigation path.

SPRO -> Materials Management
--> Purchasing 
---> Purchase Requisition 
----> Define Screen Layout at Document Level.
Then you need to check what is the Field Selection Key and Group which is being used.

Standard Field Selection for the requisition from the Production order is "ESTF" (double click this).
Select this and then go into details "Quantity and Price" and then remove the tick against "Display" and select the check box against either "Required entry" or "Opt Entry".
Ideally "Required entry" should be selected. 

Modify Purchase Requistion Quantity

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