No tax information during consignment Settlement

Finance will received this SAP Error Message when they tried to do a consignment settlement without the relevant consignment vendor info record:

No tax information found 

Message no. M8 732

For the system to settle withdrawals, the tax information has to be available. No tax information could, however, be found. This can have one of the following reasons:

Plant XX has no purchasing organization assigned to it.
Plant XX has more than one purchasing organization assigned to it, but no standard organization.
For vendor 0000099099 and material ABCDEFGHIJK in plant ZZ and purchasing organization ALL, no tax code has been entered in the consignment/ pipeline information record.

System Response
The system is unable to settle withdrawals.

Check the plant-to-purchasing-organization assignments in Customizing and make any necessary changes.

Plant -> Purchasing organisation

Plant -> Standard purchasing organization

Check the relevant purchasing information record and maintain the tax code if missing.  Settle the withdrawals again

To be able to settle any consignment withdrawals, an info records have to be created by the purchaser.

In MRKO where the error message is display, click the material documents.  In the material documents, click the Partner tabstrips and you will be able to see the consignment vendor code.

Check ME13 to ensure that the consignment info record for the vendor have been created. 

If it have not been created, the user have to input it with transaction ME11.

Could you also please, check the following:
1. Check the consignment info record is active in tr: OMEV.

2. A consignment info record exist with the control indicator entered there (tax code).

3. Determine the purchasing organization to read the info record.
- Determination via the plant of the withdrawal (TA: OX17): several purchasing organizations can result from this.
- If no purchasing organization can be found, you cannot settle the withdrawal.
- If exactly one purchasing organization is found, this organization is used to determine the info record.
- If several purchasing organizations are determined, the info record is determined with the standard purchasing organization

The cause might lie with the selection criteria in tr MRKO. 
If only company code and plant are entered, the system lists all the pending consignment liabilites between the vendor and the plant. 
If there exist more than one info records between the vendor and the the plant and one of the info records contains no tax code, the system issues error message M8 732 'No tax information found' to every line item including the one with tax code maintained in the info record.
But if you enter the consignment material or material document you need to settle on the selection screen, the system
will settle the vendor consignment liabilites successfully provided that tax code is maintained in the info record. It is the system logic.

Hope above information can help you to clarify this issue. 

SAP Notes Reference:
140675 - Consignment: Determination of tax code transition 
350450 - MRKO: List display 
139792 - MRKO:Tax indicat via consignmt info rec. as of 4.0 


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