One Storage Location for Two Different Plant

Can one storage location be extended to two different plants?
Eg plant PPL01-- storage loc 1) sc01  2)sc02.

Can another plant PPL02 have any of the storage locations of PPL01.

You can duplicate a storage location identifier at different plants but each of those is a unique storage location. For example Plant = 0001  Storage location = S001 and Plant = 0002 Storage location = S001. Those two storage locations, both called S001, are totally separate unique storage locations. They just both happen to be named S001. Material is valued at the plant level therefore you cannot have a single storage location that spans two plants.

A storage location has to be unique for a specific plant only. It cannot be common to two plants.

You can use the same storage location number for two different plants and the system identifies them uniquely based on the plant/storage location combination. 

e.g (Storage location 01 in Plant Mumbai) and (Storage location 01 in Plant Bangalore).

Just ask yourself a question:

Which plant will the material in a given storage location belong to when you take the inventory at plant level ?

If physically you are using the same warehouse or godown for two different plants, still I am sure you are maintaining separate books for the inventory of each plant. These separate books are separate storage location in the system assigned to each plant though physically they are same.

Configure the Storage Location:
You can configure same store location for two diiferent plants:

Display IMG----- >Enterprice structure---> Definition----->Maintain storage location

Enter Storage Location for Each Material:

In Transaction MMSC enter Material and Plant and click List extendable slocs only.

Then enter sloc and save.

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