Possible Topics For MM Interview Preparation

Likely topics for MM interview:
1. Functionality of different purchase organization like standard Purchase Organization, PO etc.
2. Pricing procedure, condition types and its fields, access series etc.
3. Automatic account determination. & all MM movements.
4. Consumption based planning.
5. Total CIN.
6. Important business process like subcontracting process with CIN, STOs, Vendor consignments etc.
These are some of the topics but it depends on requirement of your interviewers and his clients requirements.
Possible interview questions and answers:
What are the types of special stocks available?
Special Stocks available - Sale Order Stock / project Stock / Subcontractor Stock.
What are the types of info records?
Type of info records are Standard, Pipeline, Consignment and Subcontracting.

Tell me about the subcontracting cycle.
Subcontracting Cycle - You define procurement type for the material procured from subcontracting as "F 30".  

External procurement from subcontractor - BOM is defined for the material. Then you place PO with item category L on the S/C & you transfer the material to S/C in transaction MB1B mvmt type 541 & prepare S/C official receipt of payment for excisable material sent to S/C transaction J1IF01. Send material to S/C. After processing receive material in transaction MIGO. Refer the S/C official receipt of payment in MIGO. Reconcile the official receipt of payment & material doc in trans J1IFQ & complete the official receipt of payment in transaction J1IF13.
How are free items managed in a PO?

For free items you have to tick free item check box which is at item level.  After ticking this box you will able to manage free items in purchase order.

What is a reference purchase organization? When can it be used?
It is reference for all the other existing Purchase Organization.
It is not assigned to either to plant or company code.
The contracts, terms and conditions can be utilized by other Purchasing Org.
What is GR blocked stock? When it can be used?
GR blocked stock- If you wish to accept goods from a vendor conditionally (because a certificate is missing), you initially post the goods to the goods receipt blocked stock.

What are the important fields in purchasing view? 

Order Unit, Purchasing group, material group, Plant sp. Material status, Auto. PO, batch Management, Purchasing value key, GR processing time, Post to inspection stock, critical part, source list, JIT shed. Indicator, MPN. These are all important field we use in purchasing depending on material type and mainly depends on company business process. 

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