Procedures for copying One Plant to Another

Can anyone give me a step by step process of creating another plant or storage location by copying from an existing one. 

Celani Ndlovu 

Plants Definition :
/NSPRO-IMG---Enterprise Structure---Definition---Logistic General---Define,copy,delete,check plant---Define Plant (In this, we are defining plants(s) under company which is defined earlier)

/NSPRO-IMG---Enterprise Structure---Definition---Logistic General---Define,copy,delete,check plant--- copy,delete,check plant---F6 to copy org. object from plant 0001 to defined plant(s).

Storage Location :
/NSPRO-IMG---Enterprise Structure---Definition---Materials Management---Maintain Storage Location-New Entries (Define required storage location(s) under different plant(s) )

/NSPRO-IMG---Enterprise Structure---Definition---Materials Management---Maintain Storage Location---Storage Location Description---- New Entries ( enter here addresses of each plants)


Copy Organizational object Plant using Transaction:  EC02.
(recommended to Copy from a standard sap plant)
Create or copy storage location using :OX09


1. Copy existing plant A to new plant B.  All of plant A’s data in throughout the IMG will be created/copied for plant B.  In some cases with plant A data that is not desired.  In step 3 you must go through and correct invalid entries

2. Correct address information

3. Correct data copied to plant B as plant A

(a) In Sales and Distribution -> Shipping -> Picking -> Determine Picking Location -> Assign Picking Locations (OVL3), delete entry where Shipping Point = plant A and Plant = plant B and press save.

(b) In Sales and Distribution -> Shipping -> Basic Shipping Functions -> Shipping Point Determination -> Assign shipping points – wherever plant B is found the shipping point is plant A.  This must be changed to plant B.

(c) In Enterprise Structure -> Maintain Structure -> Assignment -> Sales and Distribution -> Assign shipping point to plant – delete plant B shipping point from the plant A assignement.

(d) In Enterprise Structure -> Maintain Structure -> Definition -> Sales and Distribution -> Define, copy, delete, check shipping point – copy shipping point plant A to shipping point plant B. Correct the description in the define section of this node.

(e) In Sales and Distribution -> Shipping -> Picking -> Determine Picking Location -> Assign Picking Locations (OVL3), copy plant A entry to plant B entry, changing all data to plant B.

(f) Check with Reorder buying group to determine MRP controllers for new plant.  Remove plant A MRP controllers from plant B, and add controllers received from reorder buying group.  IMG is Materials Management -> Consumption Based Planning -> Master Data -> Define MRP controllers

(g) Define special procurement. IMG is Materials Management -> Consumption Based Planning -> Master Data -> Define special procurement type. 

(h) OMGN – Assign customer in “Set up stock transport order – [Plant]”.

(i) OMGN – in “Set up stock transport order – [Purchasing Document type]”; an entry was created for source plant B and plant A, this entry should have a UB order type and the check box should be off. Each plant needs a plant B UB entry created. 

(j) OMJ3 – Delete incorrect entry in print parameters.  Remove entry where plant =  plant B & storage location = plant A.  Create entry for plant B storage location B

(k) Verify entry for new plant exists in OVLT picking output

(l) Verify entry for new plant is correct in VP01

4. Manual configuration

(a) Create plant customer number and assign to plant in OMGN.

(b) OMJ3 – set correct printer for plant B

(c) OPK8 – Set printer for plant for list LG01.  This is for production orders.

(d) Output determination OVLT (set printer), 

In addition to above, other changes based on customization in your installation needs to be done as well.

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