Purchasing Module Questions In Multiple Choice For Self-Test

1) An account payable is posted to accounting upon creation of the following document

a. Purchase Requisition
b. Purchase Order
c. Good Receipt
d. Invoice verification
e. All of the above

2) Purchasing in which the purchasing organization is not assigned to any company code is called:

3) Invoice verification is the final step in the procurement cycle (True/False).

4) Upon invoice verification, the system automatically carries out the payment process (True/False).

5) Which of the following are functions of the purchasing organization?

a. Negotiate general conditions of purchase with vendors
b. Set pricing conditions
c. Represents an independent accounting unit
d. Responsible for purchasing for a specific group of materials
e. Legally responsible for completing purchasing contracts

6) The purchasing view of the material master is relevant at what organizational level?

a. Company code
b. Client
c. Storage location
d. Plant
e. Purchasing organization

7) Which of the following are the advantages of posting good receipt by referencing to Purchase Orders, except

a. Data from Purchase Order is copied automatically to the Good Receipt transaction
b. Purchase Order history is updated upon Good Receipt creation
c. Accounting document relating to Good Receipt transaction is automatically posted
d. Material Document is automatically created containing material information and quantity
e. An account payable is created automatically

8) A material master record is required to purchase a material (True/False).

9) Which of the following are account assignment categories?

a. Cost center
b. Asset
c. Production order
d. Stock account
e. Sales order
f. Purchasing organization

10) Which of the following are item categories on purchase orders?

a. Asset
b. Standard
c. Consignment
d. Cost Center
e. Sales Order
f. Third party

11) Which of the following are examples of consumables?

a. Computer systems for an asset
b. Blueberries for a production order
c. Iron ore for inventory
d. Office supplies for a cost center

12) What movement type is used to receive goods from a purchase order?


1) d

2) Cross-company Code

3) false (it is payment)

4) false

5) a, e

6) d

7) a, b,e

8) False

9) a, b, c, e

10) b, c, f

11) a, b, d

12) 101

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