SAP Material Management Interview Questions

Problem is that after goods receipt and AFTER invoice verification, reversal of goods receipt is being done. Client wants this more controlled as the GRIR account is being affected. So no reversals to be done after Invoice verification.  How to approach this?

Make this setting: SPRO > Materials Management > Inventory Management and Physical Inventory > Goods Receipt > For GR-Based IV, Reversal of GR Despite Invoice

Here remove the tick against Mvt 102 & 122.

Now the system will not allow to return the Good at any case.  *-- B.Anand daivaraja

I have created a new vendor.  Later I found that there were some mistakes and that I want that the system should not allow me to make any PO or post any entries to this vendor.  How to deactivate this vendor?

You can block a vendor at the following levels:

All company code
Single company code
All Purchase org
Single Purchase org 

Where to Get the Goods Movement Type List?

Step 1) Run spro command/TC 
Step 2) Then move to "SAP Reference IMG" screen
Step 3) Then navigate following path:
IMG --> Materials Management --> Inventory Management and Physical Inventory --> Movement Types --> Copy, Change Movement types
Here with "Copy, Change Movement types" option a help tutorial is available (rectangular blue colour icon). In that go to "Further information"  section where you can find a big list of movement types with some brief explanation.

Where the schedule margin key is customized?

You define the order float in the scheduling margin key, The scheduling margin key is copied from the material master. The float before production or float after production and the release period are defined in the scheduling margin key 

For Customizing for Shop Floor Control, by choosing Operations --> Scheduling --> Define Scheduling Margin Key . 
The scheduling margin key is assigned to the material ( MRP area in the material master) and is transferred when the production order is created.  These values can be changed in the production order.

What is the function of OBYC?

Function of the OBYC stand for Configure Automatic Postings.  In this step, you enter the system settings for Inventory Management and Invoice Verification transactions for automatic postings to G/L accounts.

Postings are made to G/L accounts automatically in the case of Invoice Verification and Inventory Management 
transactions relevant to Financial and Cost Accounting.

For example, Posting lines are created in the Stock account and Consumption account. 

Tell me what is *make to order*?

Make-to-order production is a process in which a product is individually manufactured for a particular customer. In contrast to mass production for an unspecified market where a material is manufactured many times, in make-to-order production a material is created only once though the same or a similar production process might be repeated at a later time.

In global trade, you often need to process several different kinds of transactions at the same time. The Trading Execution Workbench (TEW) provides a central cockpit where traders can process trading contracts and their subcomponents, such as purchase orders and sales orders and follow-on documents. In addition, TEW automates a large part of the data entry, making processing quicker, easier, and more error-free.

How to delete a material completely?

Try MMDE transaction but be careful this will remove all material from Client.

What is the use of Tables in MM. i.e. How the tables get created?

Through SE11 you can create a new Table. In MM if you create a Material Master MARA, MARM, MARC,MARD, MBEW & MVKE will updated. In Vendor Master LFA1, LFB1 & LFM1 will be updated. The same applies to EKKO,EKPO for P.O, MSEG & MKPF for MIGO & RBKP for MIRO.

If in any error, only the message no. ! or the table no. is shown , then how to resolve the error using message no. or table no.?

Contact ABAP or BASIS person to resolve this.

How to create new transaction codes? 

In transaction code SE93 you can create, Change & Display a Transaction Code.

Tips by : Bahadur, Avinash, Sandeep, Anand Aithal P.

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