SAP Material Management MCQ

Which of the following stock types can be counted through Physical Inventory procedure?
(more than one answer can be correct)

A Unrestricted use stock.
B Block stock.
C Quality Inspection stock.
D Vendor consignment stock.
E In-transit stock.

Answer - A,B,C,D

Which of the following can possibly influence the valuation price of a moving average priced material?
(more than one answer can be correct)

A Goods receipt for a purchase order.
B Goods Issue to a cost centre.
C Invoice verification against a purchase order.
D Stock transfer between two storage locations in the same plant.
E Transfer posting from unrestricted use stock to quality inspection.

Answer - A,C

In the SAP system a user can operate in the following hierarchies.
(more than one answer can be correct)

A Service level.
B Application level.
C Main menu level.
D Month.
E Total stock value.

Answer - D, E

Your planning department is using a Forecast Model for materials planning. It has been established that while demand for the particular material is projected to increase steadily as market share is increased, the fluctuating tourist demand will affect the overall requirements. Which forecast model will best address this requirement?
(Only one answer is correct)

A The Constant model.
B The Constant trend model.
C The Seasonal trend model.
D The Fluctuating trend model.
E The Seasonal model.

Answer -  C

In the SAP system, the reference document used in the purchasing cycle is the:
(Only one answer is correct)

A Purchase requisition.
B Info record.
C Source list.
D Purchase Order.
E None of the above.

Answer - D

True / False

What purpose does invoice verification serve in materials management?

a It allows invoice that do not originate in materials procurement to be processed.
b Completes the materials procurement process
c Handles the payment
d Allows credit memos to be processed
e Handles the analyses of invoices.

Answer - B

What are the tasks of invoice verification?

a Entering invoices and credit memos received.
b Checking the accuracy of invoices
c Executing the account posting resulting from invoice
d Updating open items and material prices
e Checking invoices that were blocked.

Answer -  A,B,C,E

What is the process of invoice verification?

a Purchase order, service or GR referenced for incoming invoice.
b Invoice items suggested by the system against referenced document
c Corresponding automatic account postings carried out.
d Payment proposal list for vendor generated.

Answer -  A

From where does the system pick the default quantity of an item when you post invoice receipt?
a Invoice
b Purchase order
c Purchase order history
d System settings
e Vendor master

Answer -  C

During invoice verification the system picks the rate at which tax is calculated from the vendor master record.


Answer - False .

Tips by : Dipak Kumar

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