SAP MM Self Test Questions

1. To view the most up to date planning data (available stock, orders, reservations, etc.) on a material, use the:
(more than one answer can be correct)
A Stock Overview report.
B List display of material and accounting documents.
C MRP list.
D Stock Requirement list.
E Standard Analysis for a material

2. A material forecast can be used by the following MRP types:
(Only one answer is correct)
A Manual Reorder point planning.
B Automatic reorder point planning.
C Forecast based planning.check
D Time phased planning.
E Storage location MRP

3. Materials planning can be set to automatically generate:
(more than one answer can be correct)
A Contracts.
B Purchase Requisitions.
C Purchase Orders.
D Planned Orders.
E Delivery Schedules.

4. The following are lot sizing rules available for SAP R/3:
(more than one answer can be correct)
A Fixed lot size.
B Replenish to maximum stock level.
C Weekly lot size.
D Daily lot size.
E Economic order quantity.

5. Which of the following apply to Purchase Orders?
(more than one answer can be correct)
A The vendor must be specified in the Purchase Order Header.
B All materials on a purchase order must be procured through the same purchasing group.
C All materials on a purchase order must be of the same material group.
D Discounts and surcharges can be maintained in the document header.
E Discounts and surcharges can be maintained at line item level.

6. Which of the following is an Account Assignment category?
(more than one answer can be correct)
A Material Group.
B Purchase Requisition.
C Sales Order.
D Release Code.
E G/L Account

7. Which of the following are Item Categories?
(more than one answer can be correct)
A Consignment.
B Service.
C Manufacturing.
D Cost Centre.
E Subcontracting.

8. Which of the following documents can be subject to release (approval) procedure?
(more than one answer can be correct)
A Planned Order.
B Purchase Requisition.
C Scheduling Agreement.
D Purchase Order.

9. In Source lists the following can be sources of supply:
(more than one answer can be correct)
A Vendor.
B Contract.
C Scheduling Agreement.
D Quotation.
E  Quota Arrangement.

10. Which of the following document types can appear in the purchase order history for a purchase order line item?
(more than one answer can be correct)
A Another purchase order.
B A goods receipt material document.
C A service entry sheet.
D An invoice.
E A release procedure.

 1.  Answer - D
 2.  Answer - C
 3.  Answer - B, E
 4.  Answer - A, B, C, D
 5.  Answer - A, D, E
 6.  Answer - C
 7.  Answer - A, B, E
 8.  Answer - B, C, D
 9.  Answer - A, B, C, E
10. Answer - B, C, D

SAP MM Tips by : B.N.Rao 

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