Setup IMG For Stock Transfer Purchase Order 

IMG STO settings as per below:

1. Create a vendor for the company code of receiving plant, using account group : 0007 using T-Code XK01.

2. Assign this vendor to Delivering plant.
Go to XK02 -> Purchasing view -> Extras -> Add. Purchasing data>Plant

3. Create internal customer with the sales area of the vendor. 
Go To XD01

4. In Pricing procedure determination relevant to STO, assign document Pricing Procedure and customer pricing procedure appropriate for STO to get the pricing in the invoice.

5. Maintain condition records for the relevant pricing condition.

6. Some more setting for STO: 
Go to MM> Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Set up STO -> define shipping data for plants -> Go to Receiving plant >assign customer here & Supplying SA (for billing) to Receiving plant here.

7. Go to MM -> Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Set up STO -> define shipping data for plants -> Go to Supplying plant and assign the sales area of receiving plant.

8. Go to MM -> Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Set up STO -> assign delivery Type & Checking rule.
Assign the delivery type to document type. In this case, Delivery type NLCC is assigned to Document type NB

9. Go to MM -> Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Set up STO -> Assign document Type, One step Procedure, Under delivery tolerance.
Assign the document type NB to supplying plant and receiving plant

10. Maintain both Purchasing & Sales view for the material.

11. After all settings , Create the STO using T-Code: ME21N and maintain pricing conditions of freight and Save.

Plant to Plant Stock Transfer ) Process

STO cycle:

1. Me21n - Create STO in receiving plant (Order Type UB ) Supplying plant - receivable plant - qty - material etc.

2. Vl10b - Create replenishent delivery - collect sales document no from layout screen.

3. Ref. to that sales doc no do the PGI in supplying plant - post delivery goods not save --- check mov type is 641 in po.

4. J1IIn if excise invoice for supplying plant or if depot then do the j1ij for the same.

5. VF01-create STO invoice in supplying plant - without a/c doc (select order type excise invoice india).

6. Migo-Do GR in receiving plant w.r.t the outbound delivery made in supplying plant.

7. Update excise if required j1ig & create internal exciese inv.

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