Trans MM50 Guide to Extend Materials

Regarding extending views via MM50 :

1.  I recomend that you setup at least one code that will have all of the basic settings and views needed for the material type you are planning on creating.

2.  You have to have a shell of a material created first, (basic data 1, basic data 2 and label data) for all of the materials you are setting up. 

3.  Take the list of materials and use that to limit your data. 

4.  Choose the views that you want extended, IE "V" is for sales, "D" is for MRP, etc.

5.  Execute.

6.  Place a check mark in all of the plant / Sales org / distribution channel records you want the material extended to.  
Note the letter in the left most column, this is the current view.   
-  The system will show the material, plant or material, sales org, or material distribution channel combo for each set of views the material is to be extended to. 

7.  Click the reference material button.
-  Enter in the material code that you setup completely (step 1).
-  Enter in the sales org/distribution channel and plant copy from data (if this is left blank you will have to populate manually for all materials you are extendeding... not fun!  Make sure you input copy from data!!! 

8.  Click the create/execute button.

9.  Keep your enter key pressed in and the system will create all of the views you checked on the list using the copy from data (step 1).
-  Note when you are in the sales data "V", you will need to manually save each material due to the sales text screen.
-  Note when you are in the purchasing view you will need to manulaly save each material due to the purchasing text screen. 

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