Trigger an IDoc whenever a Purchase Order is Created

This document details about the step-by-step procedure in generating an IDOC whenever a PO is either created or changed. 

1. Go to transaction NACE.

2. Select the row “EF Purchase Order” and click on “Procedures”.

3. From the above screenshot, it is evident that there are 2 procedures for the application EF (Purchase Order). To proceed further, we would need to find out the procedure that is currently active.

Go to transaction SPRO. In this, navigate as following:

Materials management --> Purchasing --> Messages --> Output control --> Message Determination Schemas --> Define Message Schema for Purchase Order 

Click on “Assign Schema to Purchase Order”. 

So, the procedure RMBEF1 is active for EF (Purchase Order) . 

4. Go back to transaction NACE. Select ‘EF’ and click on “Output types”.

5. Let us use the output type “NEU” for our demonstration purpose. Double-click on NEU. 

6. Ensure that the checkboxes “Access to conditions” and “multiple issuing” are checked. 

7. Now click on “Processing Routines” on the left hand side. 

8. Ensure that there is an entry for Medium ‘A’ (Distribution ALE).

9. Now go back to the main screen of NACE.

10. Select EF (Purchase Order) and click on “Condition Records”.

11. Select NEU and click on “Condition records”. Following pop-up box appears.

Select the radio button “Purchase Organization”.

The following list appears.

12. Enter a new record for the medium A (Distribution ALE) and 4 (Send immediately) in the date/time.

13. Also ensure that you have done the necessary ALE configuration (not covered in this document). In the partner profiles, use the message type “ORDERS” and the IDOC type “ORDERS05”.

In the tab “Message Control”, use the process codes “ME10” and “ME11” for “PO Create” and “PO Change” respectively.

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