Unblock Material That was Blocked

How to open on unblock the block material which is block for reason 1 (blocked for procurement/ whse).   Actually someone saw the two material code of same description so he blocked the one material but stock is laying of that material and we are not able to issue the material. 

There are 4 possible locations for a material to be "blocked" on the material master:

1.  Go into transaction MM02 

2.  Enter in the sales org and plant into the org levels selection box that pertain to the plant location that has inventory.

3.  Check Basic Data 1 view --> Field: X-plant matl status --> remove value and remove coresponding valid from date.

4.  Check Sales: sales org 1 view-> Field:  X-distr.chain status --> remove value and remove coresponding valid from date.
                                                   Field:  DChain-spec. status --> remove value and remove coresponding valid from date.

5.  Check Purchasing or MRP view--> Field: Plant-sp.matl status --> remove value and remove coresponding valid from date.

6.  Save Material.

7.  Go to transaction MM06 
Remove deletion flags if applicable, note if they were applied only to specific plant you will need to query by that plant to view the Deletion flag.


If you have access I would build an variant in transaction MM17 that allows for you to see all of these fields at once so you can see everything in a summary and make then necessary changes there:

  Tables needed:        MARA      LVORM        -->        DF at client level 
                                                MSTAE        -->        X-plant matl status 
                                                MSTDE        -->        Valid from (MARA-MSTDE) <-- This is the corresponding valid from date for MSTAE 
                                                MSTAV        -->        X-distr.chain status 
                                                MSTDV        -->        Valid from (MARA-MSTDV) <-- This is the corresponding vaild from date for MSTAV 

                                MVKE      LVORM       -->        DF distr. chain lvl 
                                                VMSTA        -->        DChain-spec. status 
                                                VMSTD        -->        Valid from (MVKE-VMSTD) 

                                MARC      LVORM       -->        DF at plant level 
                                                MMSTA       -->        Plant-sp.matl status 
                                                MMSTD       -->        Valid from (MARC-MMSTD) 

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