SAP MM - What is Request for Quotation

1) What is RFQ??

2) What way it helps Industry??

3) How can it be linked to PR?

4) Relevant Transaction codes??

1) RFQ - Request for Quotation.

It is the initial step in a vendor selection process.   The business sends out RFQ to the vendors and the vendors respond back with Quotations with prices.  Next step is quotation evaluation followed by issue of a purchase order for the material/services needed.

Sometimes in certain business processes - A purchase requisition for new material services starts the process of RFQ.

Before creating purchasing documents you should ensure that a master record exists in SAP for both the vendor and delivery address. T/Code ME41 Create an RFQ.

Before creating an RFQ, you should consider the following:

Vendors: Do you have a list of suitable vendors for the RFQ? The vendor numbers must be available. 

Deadlines: What are the important deadlines for bidding, if any (for example, the deadline for submission of quotations)? 

Number assignment: If your company uses external number assignment, then you need an RFQ number that falls within the valid number range. 

Collective number: We recommend that you assign the RFQ a collective number. You enter this number once, and the system copies it for each RFQ you create within a competitive bidding process. The collective number enables you to track all RFQs for a given competitive bidding process. The number can be alphanumeric and up to 10 characters long. You enter it in the header data of the RFQ.

2) This process will help for Industries to choose right Vendor with compare the prices from all quotations received as a result of a competitive bidding process using the price comparison list . The comparison list ranks the quotations by item from lowest to highest price.

3) You can create an RFQ from a requisition automatically. To do so, you must earmark requisitions for RFQ processing. 

4) Relevant transactions:
ME41 SAPMM06E Create Request For Quotation 
ME42 SAPMM06E Change Request For Quotation 
ME43 SAPMM06E Display Request For Quotation 
ME44 SAPMM06E Maintain RFQ Supplement 
ME45 RM06EF00 Release RFQ 
ME47 SAPMM06E Create Quotation 
ME48 SAPMM06E Display Quotation
ME49 RM06EPS0 Price Comparison List

SAP MM Tips by : Shipra Pemmireddy 

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