Mini SAP System Requirement and How to Get it

Mini SAP System Requirement

The system Requirements are :

General Requirements
Operating System:
Windows 2000 (Service Pack2  or higher);
Windows XP (Home or Professional);
Windows NT
Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher
At least 192 MB RAM  (recommended to have 256 MB of RAM)
At least 512 MB paging file
At least 3.2 GB disk space (recommended to have 6 GB hard disk drive space)
(120 MB DB software, 2.9 GB SAP data, 100 MB SAP GUI + temporary free space for the installation)
The file  C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\services (Windows 2000) or

C:\Windows\system\32\drivers\etc\services (Windows XP)  must not include an entry for port 3600.
A possible entry can be excluded by using the symbol '#'.
No SAPDB must be installed on your PC.
The hostname of the PC must not be longer than 13 characters.
The Network must be configured for installation and
the MS Loopback Adapter must be configured when you start the system without a network connection!

Special Requirements for Installations on Windows XP
In the  file C:\Windows\system\32\drivers\etc\hosts the current IP address and the host name must be defined as
<IP address><Host name>
Open the network connectivity definition with start->control panel->network connections for defining the network connection. Select  ->extended-> allow other users in network. Activate new configurations.
Select remote desktop within extended configuration menu.

What is MiniSAP?

How to get MiniSAP?

In order to get the free Mini SAP, you need to buy the following book where in you will get two CD's of SAP WAS (Web Application Server) which can be installed in your system and practice ABAP programming etc...


You can get your MiniSAP with the book :-

ABAP Objects: An introduction to Programming SAP Applications
by Horst Keller, Sascha Kruger. SAP Press.
ISBN 0-201-75080-5.
It comes with 2 cds (Mini Basis SAP kernel + database).
It also includes the SQL server.


ABAP Objects Reference Book H. Keller, J. Jacobitz

The first complete language reference book for ABAP!

This book represents the first complete and systematic language reference book for ABAP Objects.

Based on ABAP Objects, this 1000+ page book describes all concepts of modern ABAP up to Release 7.0 (including a "sneak preview" of Release 7.10). Brand new topics found in the new edition include SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP, Regular Expressions, Shared Objects, class-based exception handling, assertions, Web Dynpro for ABAP, Object Services, dynamic programming, interface technologies (RFC, ICF, XML), and test tools, among others. Procedural techniques are also covered where necessary.


  • SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP
  • Development basics: ABAP Workbench, Object Navigator, Class Builder, etc.
  • Basic elements of ABAP Objects
  • Classic modularisation and program execution 
  • Avoiding erros and error handling
  • GUI programming: dynpros, lists, selection screens, controls and Web Dynpro 
  • Persistent data: DB access, Object Services, file interface, data clusters
  • Dynamic programming: field symbols, RTTS, dynamic tokens and procedure calls 
  • Data und communication interfaces: RFC, ICF, web services, XML
The book also includes two CDs carrying a fully operational SAP Basis System, and containing all the example programs from the book.


Alternatively, if you are a customer of SAP and have an OSS user-id, then you can also buy the Minisap software directly from the Sap service market.

MiniSAP are available via the SAP Developer Network (SDN).

- First register yourself.
- Then go to the software download page.
- Once there, you will be able to see the different trial versions of SAP software with different system requirements.

Minisap contains only SAP BASIS where you can do your ABAP.

It will costs you 25 EURO.


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