MM  - Controlling the Fields in Material Master

Define whether a field is hidden or displayed, or whether an entry is mandatory or optional in material master maintenance by assigning the field to a field selection group in OMSR.

Each field selection group has a number between 1 and 240.

The values of the field selection groups have been preassigned as follows:

001-110  Material master for industry 
111-120  Reserved for customers (except where the values are already in use) 
121-150  Material master for industry 
151-210  Material master for retail 
211-240  Reserved for customers 

Create and maintain field references (OMS9).

All the fields in the same fields group will have the same field selection option.
(hide, display, required entry, or optional entry) 

You can see where a field reference is used by choosing Where-used list.

Define or change the field references as required (except for field references with the prefix SAP which must not be changed). New field references must begin with Y or Z.

Changing the Field Selection Options for a Field Selection Group

1. Specify the field selection group .
2. Select the field selection option (hide, display, required entry, or optional entry) 
    for each field reference as required.
3. Save.

Creating a Field Reference

1. Choose New entries.
2. Specify a field reference beginning with Y or Z.
3. Select the field selection option for each field selection group as required.
4. Save.

Changing a Field Reference

1. Double-click the relevant field reference.
2. Change the field selection option for each field selection group as required.
3. Save.

Define industry sectors and industry-sector-specific field selection in OMS3.

Define plant-specific field selection and screen selection in OMSA.

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