SAP LIS - Wrong figures in Logistics Information System

Warning - Please test it in developer first. 

Alert : It can result in data loss or inaccurate data in your LIS table if not done properly.

This is bound to happened especially if the users made changes to the Purchase Order and you have set the online updates for your LIS.   Fields like Material groups are consider keys fields and should not be change as it somehow impact the updates to LIS.

If the figures are wrong for a particular period, you can do a reorganization for all the Purchase Order for the particular months.

Assuming that you want to reorganize the whole S012

When you execute OLI3, it will locked any Purchase Order that it is processing.  Therefore, it is advisable to run it during off office hours.

First Step :-

  • OLI3 - Statistical setup of info structures from purchasing documents
  • Info structure to be set up S012
  • Save under version &(
  • Tick Delete/create indices
  • Specify the Purchasing Documents or Document Date
  • Name of run S012-1
  • Tick New run?
  • Date of termination 99.99.9999
  • Time of termination 99:99:99
  • Tick Redetermine update group?
  • Tick Update documents?
NPRT - Log for Setup of Statistical Data

Final Step:-
OLIX - Copy/delete versions of an info structure
First Screen

  • Info structure S012
  • Processing type Copy + Delete
Second Screen
  • Source version &(
  • Untick Do not copy initial records
  • Tick Reset target version
  • Untick No automatic period conversion
Now, you can check the figures using transaction MCE5 or any of the transaction that uses the table S012.

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