Constants and Variables

Constants, program variables etc. should be on the right hand side of  a WHERE  or  HAVING clause.

SELECT    ename
                             FROM      emp
                             WHERE     empno = '1232'


SELECT    ename
                             FROM      emp
                             WHERE     empno = :1

Outer Joins

Columns  requiring to be outer joined  should appear on the right hand side of a WHERE or HAVING clause.

SELECT    ename
                             FROM      emp e, dept d
                             WHERE     e.empno = d.empno(+)    

Table aliases.

Table aliases should be used in all queries that have more than one table in the FROM  clause.

The use of table aliases speeds up the parse phase of  an  oracle query, by reducing the number ofrecursive sql queries.

                                 SELECT    count(*) 
                                 FROM      oe o,
                                           oe_link l,
                                           oe_link_name n
                                 WHERE     o.oe = l.oe
                                 AND =

Notice the table aliases o,l,n  and their subsequent use in the where clause.

Ordering of where clauses.

As an aid to understanding,  WHERE  clauses should  be laid out with the join clauses first, and the restriction clauses second.

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