Creating a New Database Using MySql

Provide an outline of creating a new database using mysql.

To create the sample MySQL database:

1. Copy the SQL script file, insert.sql, to an appropriate folder on the computer that has MySQL installed. 

2. If the computer running MySQL is a Windows computer, copy the insert.sql script to MySql\Bin. If the computer running MySQL is a Macintosh, copy the insert.sql script to your Documents folder in your home folder. 

3. On the computer that has MySQL installed, open a command prompt window (Windows) or a Terminal window (Macintosh). 
- In Windows, you can open the command prompt by selecting Start > Programs > Command Prompt or Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. 
- On the Macintosh, you can open a Terminal window by going to the Applications folder, opening the Utilities folder, and double-clicking Terminal. 

4. (Windows only) Change to the mysql\bin directory by entering the following commands at the command prompt: 

5. cd
 \  cd mysql\bin  

6. Start the MySQL client by entering the following command: 
mysql -uUser -pPassword  
If you didn't define a user name while configuring your MySQL installation, enter root as the user name, as follows:
mysql -uroot  
The MySQL client's command prompt appears, as follows:

7. Create a new database by entering the following command at the MySQL prompt: 
mysql>CREATE DATABASE TrioMotors;  
MySQL creates a new database, but it doesn't contain any tables or records yet.

8. Log out of the MySQL client by entering the following command at the prompt: 
mysql>quit;  mysql -uUser -pPassword TrioMotors < insert.sql  

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