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Hindi Format In Oracle Database

I am working in Oracle 9i database. Now I want to store data in hindi format and also want to retrieve the data in same format. So how I'll set up the dataase so that it will possible.

For this I do not think Hindi Datatypes are needed.

We have implemented this and using UNICODE:

1. Create a Oracle9i database having UTF8 characterset.

2. Use NVACHAR datatype to stotes the Unicode data i.e. Hindi Data. For storing this data you have to set-up your front-end / client accordingly...And it has got many ways.....That's you have to decide.

3. Using NVARCHAR datatype will use the Database National Character Set for storage and it will store Multi-byte characters in less storage.

4. Once your data is stored, you can not see them via sql+ like we use for English characters. For that, you have to use isql+. You need to configure that.

5. The best part is that, configuring database in above character set also stores well as Mutibyte character sets like HINDI, Japanese, etc.

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