List of Tables on which Audits are Enabled

How to get a list of tables in a schema on which Audits are enabled.

SQL> select * from dictionary where upper(comments) like '%AUDIT%';
USER_AUDIT_SESSION All audit trail records concerning CONNECT and DISCONNECT
USER_AUDIT_STATEMENT  Audit trail records concerning  grant, revoke, audit, no audit and alter system
USER_AUDIT_OBJECT Audit trail records for statements concerning objects, specifically: table, cluster, view, index, sequence,  [public] database link, [public] synonym, procedure, trigger, rollback segment, tablespace, role, user
USER_AUDIT_TRAIL Audit trail entries relevant to the user
USER_OBJ_AUDIT_OPTS Auditing options for user's own tables and views with at least one option set
ALL_DEF_AUDIT_OPTS Auditing options for newly created objects
ALL_AUDIT_POLICIES All fine grained auditing policies in the database
ALL_AUDIT_POLICY_COLUMNS All fine grained auditing policy columns in the database
USER_AUDIT_POLICIES All fine grained auditing policies for objects in user schema
USER_AUDIT_POLICY_COLUMNS Users fine grained auditing policy columns in the database
AUDIT_ACTIONS Description table for audit trail action type codes.  Maps action type numbers to action type names

11 rows selected.


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