Finding Oracle Currently Running Queries

How do you check oracle database for long running queries?

We are performing some load testing on our application which is accessing an Oracle database. I have been given a task to identify the longest running queries during this period. Is there a way for me to identify these queries (including the query text) or stored procedures (just the name of the proc would suffice) by joining some V$ tables? 


Step 1: Execute the query

column username format 'a10'
column osuser format 'a10'
column module format 'a16'
column program_name format 'a20'
column program format 'a20'
column machine format 'a20'
column action format 'a20'
column sid format '9999'
column serial# format '99999'
column spid format '99999'
set linesize 200
set pagesize 30
v$session a, v$process b, v$transaction c,
v$sqlarea s
a.paddr = b.addr
and a.saddr = c.ses_addr
and a.sql_address = s.address (+)
and to_date(c.start_time,'mm/dd/yy hh24:mi:ss') <= sysdate - (15/1440) -- running for 15 minutes
order by c.start_time

Step 2: desc v$session

Step 3: select sid, serial#,SQL_ADDRESS, status,PREV_SQL_ADDR from v$session where sid='xxxx' //(enter the sid value)

Step 4: select sql_text from v$sqltext where address='XXXXXXXX';

Step 5: select piece, sql_text from v$sqltext where address='XXXXXX' order by piece;


Query V$Session_longops

ROUND(sl.elapsed_seconds/60) || ':' ||
MOD(sl.elapsed_seconds,60) elapsed,
ROUND(sl.time_remaining/60) || ':' ||
MOD(sl.time_remaining,60) remaining,
ROUND(sl.sofar/sl.totalwork*100, 2) progress_pct
FROM v$session s,
v$session_longops sl
AND s.serial# = sl.serial#

And then run the following query 

SELECT a.sql_text
FROM v$sqltext a,
v$session b
WHERE a.address = b.sql_address
AND a.hash_value = b.sql_hash_value
AND b.sid = &1 --> From above sql
ORDER BY a.piece;

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