Oracle Test Paper for Revision #2

1) A particular problem may be solved using either a Recursive Relationship or a Hierarchy, though not at the same time. True or False? 

a) True
b) False

2) Entity and Attribute names are always interchangable, so you need not worry about choosing the right type. True or False? 

a) True
b) False

3) In a physical data model, a relationship is represented as a? 

a) Column
b) Row
c) Instance
d) Foreign Key 

4) A/an _________ is a picture of all the information that will form the basis for the finished system. 

a) ERD 
b) Process
c) Table
d) Attribute

5) An entity is instantiated as a ? 

a) Experience
b) Instance
c) Table 
d) None of the above

6) Volatile entities have special requirements and need special attention when you are doing data modelling. True or False? 

a) True
b) False

7) Which of the following statements about relationships are true? (Choose Two) 

a) They become foreign keys in the database.
b) They must be mandatory to be created in the database.
c) They can be either mandatory or optional.
d) They must exist between two different Entities.

8) Data models are drawn to show users the actual Data their new system will contain. Only Data on the Diagram can be entered into the Database. True or False? 

a) True
b) False

9) A business rule such as "We only ship goods after customers have completely paid any outstanding balances on their account" is best enforced by: 

a) Making the payment attribute null.
b) Making the payment attribute optional.
c) We need to trust our customers, and we know they will pay some day.
d) Hiring a programmer to create additional programming code to verify no goods are shipped until the account has been settled in full. 

10) All ER diagrams must have one of each of the following: (Choose two) 

a) One or more Entities
b) Relationships between entities
c) Arcs
d) At least one supertype and subtype

11) All instances of a subtype may be an instance of the supertype but does not have to. True or False? 

a) True
b) False

12) When creating entities you must follow these rules: (Choose Two) 

a) Name them in Plural
b) Name them in Singular
c) Exclude Attributes
d) Include Attributes 


Suggested Answers

1) a

2) b

3) d

4) a

5) c

6) a

7) a, c

8) a

9) d

10) a, b

11) b

12) b, d

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