Questions And Answers On Oracle JDE CNC

1) What is status 25

2) QC role.  What can he do at status 28

3) What is not configurable in BSSV SM wizard but you have to come back and configure it?

4) JDE recommends following Internet Explorer settings for thin client
(Choose all correct answers)

A) Download signed active x control enable
B) Download unsigned active x control enable
c) Use popup blocker

5) During Platform pack installation, what gets installed if you select logic?
(Choose all correct answers)

A) System foundation
B) Pathcode
C) Database
D) Planner

6) JDE Subsystem jobs are
(Choose all correct answers)

A) Short Running jobs
B) Long Running Jobs
C) Jobs run from batch schedule
D) Intercalling UBE
E) Interacrtive batch version

7) How do you access for context sensitive Peoplebook URL?
(Choose all correct answers)

A) http://localhost:8080/PSOL/htmldoc/eng/index.htm
B) http://localhost:8080/PSOL/htmldoc/eng/index.html
C) http://localhost:8080/PSOL/htmldoc
D) http://localhost:8080/PSOL
E) http://localhost:8080

8) When you deploy Full package on Server, Package discovery will happen?
(Choose all correct answers)

A) 1 min
B) 5 min
C) As defined in JAS.ini
D) Auto - discovery

9) EnterpriseOne has various object types for creating functionality.
Which of the following is an EnterpriseOne object type?
(Choose all correct answers)

A) Application
B) Owner
C) Processing Option
D) Batch Version
E) Interactive version

10) User Overide is stored in
(Choose all correct answers)

A) F98950 as xml Blob in Central Objects
B) F96750
C) Local database
D) Html server
E) F98950 in Blob in TAM.

11) During Full Package build which all options are manadatory to select.
(Choose all correct answers)

A) Objects
B) Data
C) Foundation
D) Feature
E) Parent Package

12) Widget International is currently live on EnterpriseOne running Tools Release (Service Pack) 1 in their Production
environments and Tools Release (Service Pack) 2 in all other environments. All environments are running on one Application Server.  Which JDE.INI client configuration settings determine the Tools Release (Service Pack) to use? Select THREE.  (Choose all correct answers)

B) [JDENET] ServiceNameListen
C) [INSTALL] StartServicePrefix
D) [JDENET] ServiceNameConnect
E) [SECURITY] SecurityServer


Suggested Answers

1) Rework Same Issue

2) Deseign/get the objects

3) Security Server

4) A

5) A, B

6) A

7) A

8) B

9) A, D, E

10) A

11) C, D

12) B, D

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