Tracking Object Accessed By Users

How can we determine which procedure, function, triggers is being called by user session? 

You can use a script based on v$access view and any other. 

I used to use something like this in an unix session:



export ORACLE_SID 

ORACLE_HOME=`grep $ORACLE_SID':' /var/opt/oracle/oratab|nawk -F ":" '{print 



$ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus -s "/as sysdba" << EOF 

define $2=&MIOBJ 

define $3=&MITIPO 

set linesize 200 

set pagesize 200 

col sid format 99999 

col object format a30 

col username format a10 

col osuser format a10 

col owner format a12 

col "Inicio Sesion" format a30 


s.sid,s.serial#,a.owner,p.spid,a.object,s.user name,s.osuser,to_char(s.logon_time,'dd-mm-yy 

hh24:mi:ss') as "Inicio Sesion" 

from v\$session s,v\$process p,v\$access a 

where s.paddr=p.addr and 

a.sid=s.sid and a.object='&MIOBJ' 

and a.type='&MITIPO' 

order by s.sid; 



Where $1 is DB NAME, $2 is object_name and $3 object type in these order, your DB NAME must to be in the oratab file.

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