Which Oracle Processess Consuming Maximum Memory

How can I query from the oracle views with respect to PID?
I have run top command and getting some oracle process consuming maximum memory. (checking PID from to command)
My manager wants to check one report as which Oracle Processess consuming maximum memory.


Just execute this script in sqlplus:


  RPAD('USERNAME : ' || s.username, 80) ||
  RPAD('OSUSER   : ' || s.osuser, 80) ||
  RPAD('PROGRAM  : ' || s.program, 80) ||
  RPAD('SPID     : ' || p.spid, 80) ||
  RPAD('SID      : ' || s.sid, 80) ||
  RPAD('SERIAL#  : ' || s.serial#, 80) ||
  RPAD('MACHINE  : ' || s.machine, 80) ||
  RPAD('TERMINAL : ' || s.terminal, 80) ||
  RPAD('SQL TEXT : ' || q.sql_text, 80)
FROM v$session s
    ,v$process p
    ,v$sql     q
WHERE s.paddr          = p.addr
AND   p.spid           = &PID_FROM_OS
AND   s.sql_address    = q.address
AND   s.sql_hash_value = q.hash_value;

Type your *nix PID for sqlplus prompt. 

also test out:

RPAD('USERNAME : ' || s.username, 80)

See SQL*Plus Manual, COLUMN statement to know how to get a new line after/before a column value without using this awful trick.

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