Change Characteristic in Measuring Point

How to Change Characteristic in Measuring Point as using transaction IK02 and IK05, this field is inactive?

Measurement Characteristic is an integral part of a measurement point, it cannot be changed. 

If you need a point with different characteristic then create a new one with the required characteristic (If the already created measurement point is not required then you may "Deactivate" it using IK02/IK07 (Measurement Point/ Functions/ Active- Inactive/ Deactivate)). 

Why Characteristic cannot be changed?

It is not practical to change the characteristic in a measuring points, system will not allow this as the measurement would then be a mixture of two different characteristic. Option is to remove the measuring point and replace with a new one.

Reason is suppose you are maintaining a measuring point with temperature degree C, you have recorded readings in measuring documents, say 20 C, 30 C 40 C. Now, if you change the characteristic  to 'cm' - centimeters. 

Now, the new reading will be different.  they will not match with the previous readings. Even if you change degree C to Fahrenheit, system will not support this. Therefore, it is not possible in SAP. 

What to do if you assigned a measuring point with a wrong characteristic on for e.g. a rental object (RE)? 

It is NOT possible to delete the assigned characteristic to measuring point. 

Possible way to rectify is:

1. If you already assigned by mistake wrong characteristic, you need to delete the entries in assigned functional location or equipment and then your measuring point will be deleted. Upon deletion you need to create new measuring  point and assign the correct characteristics.

2. If this is using somewhere else, you can just deactivate measuring point and create the new measuring point with correct characteristic.

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