Changing Equipment Maintenance Plants

Trying to change the maintenance plant in my equipment. I get the following error message (I0231):

The maintenance plant and the planning plant are not in the same controlling area.
Both plants have to be allocated to the same controlling area for cost allocation.
System Response
Processing will not be continued.
Allocate a maintenance plant and a planning plant from the same controlling area.
Is there any way around this? 
Follow this:
- First dismantle the equipment from its functional location. 
- Then in IE02 press the change maintenance plant, but do not fill any maintenance plant, just delete the plant and save.
- Again enter in IE02 and delete the planning plant and company code.
- Finally fill the maintenance plant which you want and re-install the equipment again in functional location.
Here is what I had to do:
1. Clear planning plant field in organisation tab.
2. Clear maintenance plant field in location tab.
3. Clear the company code field which is now open for edit.
4. Enter the new plant code into the maintenance plant field of the location tab.
5. And press enter
Changing the Maintenance Plant 
It may be necessary to change the maintenance plant for a piece of equipment. For example when it is to be installed at a functional location which is in another maintenance plant, or when it is to be used in another maintenance plant from now on.
However, you can only change the maintenance plant for a piece of equipment, when the piece of equipment is no longer installed at a functional location.
Changing a maintenance plant has the following consequences:
-The system automatically clears all fields of the master record that are dependent on the maintenance plant.
-A change of maintenance plant can result in a change of company code, which causes the system to clear all fields that are dependent on the company code.
-The company code change can produce a change in the controlling area, which means that the system clears all fields dependent on the controlling area.

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