Complete Help To Implement Maintenance Cost Approval

Our client want to cost level approval required on order. For example PM order cost is 10000 then manager will approved order if cost is above from 10000 then HOD and also manager both will approved PM order. Is any method in ECC 6.0.

i) Ensure only one Permit category maintained in SPRO --> Plant Maintenance and Customer Service --> Basic Settings --> Permits --> Define Permit Categories.

Or else permit will not work for approval system.

ii) Create Characteristics for “Total Planned Cost” 

Basic data :

Data Type : Currency, No of Chars : 15 and Decimal Places : 2 ( Any way these will Get defaulted after once you are referring the field Total Planned Cost PKOSTEN.)

Currency : INR.

Value assignment : Single , Interval Values allowed Checked ( Since we are defining approval values in the range).

Values : Blank ( Since we are picking values by reference fields)

Additional Data : 

Reference to table : CSEVPERMIT, Field Name : PKOSTEN, Value assignment : Not ready for input.

Save the characteristic “Total Planned Cost” .

iii) Create a class “PM_PERMIT_VALUE” with class type : 049 Licenses.

And assign the above created characteristic to this class.

iv) Ensure only one Permit category maintained in SPRO --> Plant Maintenance and Customer Service --> Basic Settings --> Permits --> Define Permit Groups (PM) and assign above created class “PM_PERMIT_VALUE”

iv) Go to IPMD --> change Mode --> create new entries --> Assign class PM_PERMIT_VALUE --> Go to classification in the header.

Here you have to assign the value range for which you want different levels of Approval:

Release Group 1 : Value range 0 to 10,000 INR. This range we need to assign in value assignment for the above class and Object release group1.

Now When you are creating a Maintenance order automatically based on the value range system will pick up the required permit in to the order, then you can control authorizations by basis team.

I am maintaining one equipment which needs the approval for the maintenance based on the hierarchy (From bottom level to the top level). Also it is required the information about the status of the equipment whenever it is going for approval at each level. Once the concerned person is approved at his level, the mail should trigger to the next level person so that he would come to know the updated status of the equipment to enable further approval.
1. Is it possible to map in PM as a sign of approval for maintenance in equipment master or by any method ?
2. Is it possible to trigger the mail automatically once the concerned in charge approved his part ?

Plz find the mentioned user status for order approval, admin, financial approval before release. 

1. statno status text low range higher range

a) PFA Pendi Apprv 1 3

b) ADMA Adm apprv 2 3

c) FINA Finan apprv 3 3

Now your object type;- is order

for PFA:- Select this is initial status

for ADMA;- Select business transaction ;-release mentioned forbidden button, create authorization key1 and give it here for this status

for FINA:- Select business transaction:- release mention allowed button create authorization key2 and give it here for this status

2. Assign this key in authorisation profile and this is mentioned in role and for this role user is assigned. Take basis help from here.

3. Now it will work in this way ;- 

a) when your order is created, your initial user status is PFA,

b) after saving, it goes to admin dept, for admin approval, user has to change the user status manually - here system checks wither the user is authorised to perform this function via key. This user cannot release the order.

c) then order is checked financially and user status is changed manually to FINA, and once order gets this status order can be released by this users mentioned in business transaction

Automatic Mail is possible through work flow.

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