Deadline Monitoring for Maintenance Plans 

Start deadline monitoring regularly (for example, using report variants). Deadline monitoring for a weekly strategy should ideally run every week.

For running the deadline monitoring, I got a simple solution:

Go to SM36, 

- Enter the Job name. Select the Job Class. Click on

- Start Condition

- Select the Date/Time

- Enter the Start date and Time (Time at which the job has to be processed background automatically)

- Click on Periodic job.

- Click on Periodic Values and select the frequency - Daily

- Go to the Steps

- Enter the Program name and Variants (RISTRA20)

- Save the Transaction. Ensure the transaction (program)is released.

- Go to SM37.

- Select the job and job status and Execute

- The list of jobs will be displayed. The status should be released

For scheduling, the system converts all the on-hold maintenance calls, with a date that satisfies the call horizon , into a maintenance call object (for example, maintenance order)

The system also performs a complete rescheduling of the maintenance plan , and ensures that maintenance calls exist for the next n days (field Scheduling period in the Scheduling parameters screen). The system always generates at least one on-hold maintenance call.                                                                                *-- Mallik

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