Difference Between Service Order and Repair Order

Explain the difference between a service order and repair order.

The biggest difference between service order and repair order is that the repair order contains a logistic process. In the CRM order (standard order type = REPA), you enter the actual product that is also available in ECC. This product has some lower level items containing the returns item (from customer to repair center), a diagnosis item, and possible an item for a loan material (e.g. TV is broke of a customer and during the repair he receives a loan TV).

In the service order, the object for which you provide the service is not entered as an item, but as an iBase or an individual object on header level in the order.

In both cases, the service process is handled by a service confirmation (which confirms the time spent and the spare parts used).

But in case of a repair order, you still have a logistic activity to perform: sending the repaired product back to the customer and picking up the loan device.

In details:

Provides support for the complete Service processing lifecycle from Service Quotation creation to Billing. A service order is created if the customer has to be billed for services like utility usage, no. of pages printed (using counters etc). Service Order processing includes integrated validation of service contract price agreements and warranty entitlements.

The cycle is :

Business Scenario Service quotation and service order management

A. Make inquiry Customer contacts and requests for quotation

B. Create and communicate quotation service rep. creates a quotation and sends it to the customer

C. Accept the quotation

D. Convert quotation into service order and release the order

E. Create and optimize assignments - The Resource Planner assigns any field service tasks to one or more of his Field Service Representatives

F. Execute assignment, perform confirmation - The Field Service Representative performs the service assignment at the customer site and performs confirmation for the work done, materials used and so on

G. Approve confirmation, assign costs - The Service Manager checks and approves the confirmation data and decides which costs should be billed to the customer

H. Bill customer, perform analyses - The Service Manager triggers billing of the customer and performs analyses of the complete service order processing cycle

Where as a repair order would be created when a customer finds a defect in say a product and the requests for a repair of replacement.

The cycle is:

The business scenario

1. Enter repair request
The customer calls the service organization to request a repair. The agent enters the repair request. The system checks whether a warranty exists.

2. Send in defective product
The customer sends in the product using the given return material authorization number.

3. Plan repair steps
A service representative performs the technical analysis and enters the inspection result (causes, tasks, etc.). He decides what action should be taken based on the inspection result.

4. Create service quotation
The system calculates the price for the planned repair and required spare parts, according to the price agreements in the service contract, and the warranty costs. The agent generates a service quotation.

5. Perform confirmation
The customer accepts the quotation. The service representative repairs the product and confirms his working times and materials used. He also documents the inspection results.

6. Return repaired product
The service representative returns the repaired product to the customer.

7. Create invoice
The service representative triggers customer billing, based on the confirmed time and spare parts used, and in accordance with existing warranties and specific price agreements.

8. Analyze defect reasons
Using predefined queries and reports, the service manager analyzes the most important defect reasons.

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