Equipment Hierarchy Installed Under Functional Location

Which table to extract the equipment hierarchy installed under functional location?

Please try one of following:

EQKT Equipment Short Texts Technical Objects, Equipment

EQUI Equipment master data Technical Objects, Equipment

EQUZ Equipment time segment Technical Objects, Equipment

IE4N_CGP General IE4N Settings for Installation/Removal Technical Objects, Equipment

IE4N_USP Definition of User-Specific Settings Technical Objects, Equipment

IE4N_USPI Definition of User-Specific Settings: Installation Technical Objects, Equipment

IE4N_USPR Definition of User-Specific Settings: Removal Technical Objects, Equipment

T370T Equipment categories Technical Objects, Equipment

T370U Language-dependent texts for T370T Technical Objects, Equipment

TA22EQU Equipment Types Technical Objects, Equipment

V_EQUI Equipment (view) Technical Objects, Equipment

IFLOS Functional Location Labels Technical Objects, Functional Location

IFLOS_VS Functional Location Labels (Version Table) Technical Objects, Functional Location

IFLOT Functional Location (Table) Technical Objects, Functional Location

IFLOT_VS Functional Location (Version Table) Technical Objects, Functional Location

IFLOTX Functional Location: Short Texts Technical Objects, Functional Location

IFLOTX_VS Functional Location Data Fields: Short Texts (Version Table) Technical Objects, Functional Location


You need to use SAP Query combining EQUI and IFLOT.

Have a look at database view V_EQUI

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