Integration Between PM, QM and PP in SAP

What is the integration between PM and QM in SAP?

There are many interwoven activities.

Let us consider one practical issue of Spare Parts purchase.

We prefer to inspect incoming material for compliance of our requirement.

1.While creation of material master, tick the 'Post to insp. stock' box in the Purchasing Tab.

2. If we do not want a task list / Result recording oriented inspection, in Quality tab, choose appropriate selections,

3.When that Spare is received, it will go to Quality Stock.

4. Maint. person can check it and transfer the stock to "Unrestricted Stock" through MB1B via 261 movement, giving a reason as Accepted after Inspection or Rejected.

5. Above procedure is a practical example of PM QM integration. 

Tips by : Jamez Prabahran

Real SAP PM Ticket Raise :

When I schedule an equipment for preventive maintenance for a particular day say after 3-months, for that particular day, PP people will also schedule for their production, which should not happen. In equipment master data, if I put the PP work centre, it should solve the problem but I do not how is it going to solve? Another problem is PP people wants to create work centre as group of equipment but I will schedule only one equipment for preventive maintenance. So, if I put the group of equipment as work centre but I will schedule only for one equipment and when PP people will schedule for their production, machine availability of all the machines will be shown as zero? 

In the equipment Master, under the location tab, mention the PP work center, and in the task list under the Header give the system condition "0" ie M/C not in operation, before doing this in the custimosation under Maintenace and service order---general data---- "Create System Conditions or Operating Conditions" check the box for PM when ever a maintenance order is raised against that equipment, it will block the prod.

One doubt still remains that if PP people takes work centre as group of machine (say there are 4 lathe machines, now they want to take work centre as lathe for the whole group).  So, if I enter this work centre in the location tab pages of the equipment master (in one lathe machine), whenever maintenace order is raised for only one lathe, will it block the production for the whole 4 nos of lathe machines or only for one lathe machine.

Since the order is raised against only one equipment, the work center for that particular equipment will be blocked.

Tips by : Giri

The linking is like this (my understanding) 

PP work center is recorded in the PM equip master and PM order is created/rel for that particular PM equip. 

a. If 4 m/cs together are defined as one PP work center and each of these 4 m/cs are individually defined as PM equipment and this PP w/c is recorded in each of the 4 PM equip master then a PM order for any or all of these PM equip will affect the PP w/c

b. If 4 m/cs have one to one relation as PP w/c and PM equip and have been respectively entered in the each equip master then whenever a PM order is created for a particualr equip only that particualr PP w/c will get affected. 

Define the relation between the PP w/c and the PM equip based on how it is required for the business.

Tips by : Hari

How to configure the integration of PP and PM, where it is being done in SPRO, what are the pre-requisite and what are the steps. 

By Bala:

In SPRO - Under Maintenanace and Service order ---> general data ----> "Create System Conditions or Operating Conditions" --> check the box for PM Reservation.
In the equipment Master, 
Under the Location tab, mention the PP work center and 
In the Order Header data,  
Give the system condition as "0" ie M/C not in operation. 

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