Maintain Equipment Category

Why Equipment Category is used in PM? 

Equipment category is used to categorise your equipments according to broad criteria, such as we have used it as Electrical equipment, Mechanical equipment, Instrumentation equipment, PRT (production resourcs tool), Vehicles, also some category where material serial no. functionality is used. When you use material serial no. functionality, system creates equipment in the background - which no. range you need to keep different. So, you can have different no. range for your different category of equipment. You can also control authorisation on this basis. In customisation, you have to maintain additional business view according o your equipment category. You can control the equipment usage period parameter in customisation. You can assign user status profile to equipment category. 

IMG Activity

Define the description for an equipment category. This allows you to control which basic characteristics a corresponding equipment master record should have.

Using the control characteristics, you can decide how many and which equipment categories you require.

The following control characteristics are available:

- Assigning a reference category (used particularly for defining the history-relevant fields of an Equipment Master record).

- Speaking description of the equipment category through the specification of a short text.

- Forbidding alphanumeric numbers for external number assignment.

- View profile for master data maintenance.

- Number interval and number assignment (you can choose between numerical and alphanumerical numbers).

- Activation of change documents for tracing changes to the master data.

- Triggering certain Workflow-events for master data maintenance.

- Assigning a view profile for the master data maintenance.

- Defining a synchronization between material number and construction type.

IMG Path

SPRO - Plant Maintenance and Customer Service -> Master Data in Plant Maintenance and Customer Service -> Technical Objects -> Equipment -> Equipment Categories -> Maintain Equiment Category 

1. Assign the indicators for your equipment categories.

2. Enter the descriptions for your equipment categories.

3. Assign a reference category to each equipment category.

Field Descriptions

Equipment category (column C) - Key for distinguishing individual technical objects according to their use.

- For e.g. machinery, device, production resource/tool and customer equipment.

Equipment reference category (column R) - Equipment category, to which several other equipment categories refer.

- By assigning a reference category to an equipment category, a certain categorization of the respective equipment category is undertaken.  For example, a change of the equipment category (for an existing equipment master record) is only allowed within the same reference category.

Equipment category description (column Equipment CatDesc.) - Text that describes the equipment category in more detail.

No Alphanumeric Equipment Numbers (column A) - You can use this indicator to prohibit alphanumeric equipment numbers for this equipment category.

Indicator showing equipment category with change documents (column C) - Using this indicator, you define that change documents should be written.

Indicator: Generate Event for Workflow (column WFE) - Indicator that you can use to specify whether one of the following Workflow events should be generated when maintaining equipment master data:

- PieceOfEquipment.Created

- PieceOfEquipment.Changed

- PieceOfEquipment.LocationChanged

Parameter ID Object Info (column Object Info) - Enter an identifier for the object information parameters in this field.

View profile for tab index Customizing (column View Profile) - Controls which (fleet-specific) views for a fleet object should be displayed on the screen.

Keep construction type and material number synchronous (column CType/MatNo) - Ensures that the construction type and material number are kept synchronous in the master record for serialized equipment.

- If this check is active and if, when creating or changing master records for serialized equipment, you assign a material number that is not the same as the construction type entered, the system behaves as follows:

-- If the indicator is 1, a warning message appears. You can still save the master record, but this leads to master records in the system for which the construction type and material number are different.

-- If the indicator is 2, a message appears and the construction type is automatically set the same as the material number.

Equipment Type with Change Documents During Creation (column CC) - You use this indicator to define that change documents should be written for objects that are newly created.

- This indicator is effective only if creation of change documents is activated.

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