Maintenance Process Self-Knowledge Testing

1. Which of the following are steps in the corrective maintenance process?
a. Notification
b. Planning
c. Scheduling
d. Capacity
e. Execution
f. Confirmation
g. Completion
2. Which of these items can be objects on a maintenance notification?
a. Assemblies
b. Equipment
c. Material with serial number
d. Functional location
e. No object
f. Serial numbers
g. Material without a serial number
3. Which of the following are parts of a maintenance order?
a. Order header
b. Task List
c. Trigger points
d. Object list
e. Operations
f. Confirmations
g. Material list
h. Settlement rule
i. Costs
j. Capacity splits
4. Which of the following can be confirmed on a maintenance order?
a. Individual times
b. Collective times
c. Object reports
d. Activity reports
e. Overall completion confirmation
f. Measurements
5. Which of the following are results of TECO?
a. Operations are confirmed
b. Settlement rule created if it doesn’t exist
c. Purchase requisitions deleted
d. Open reservations closed
e. All costs posted
f. Order marked for deletion
g. Posting blocked lifted
6. If the TECO status of an order is reversed you may recreate all material reservations and purchase requisitions (True/False).
7. A customer Service order is created in SAP ERP Customer Service.  External operations for services are created for this order.  What document is created when this customer service order is
saved or released?  Please choose the correct answer. 
a. A  purchase order
b. A service entry sheet
c. A service acceptance document
d. A purchase requisition
e. A customer's invoice
1) a, b, c, e, g
2) a, b, c, d, e
3) a, d, e, g, h, i
4) a, b, d, e, f
5) b, c, d
6) false
7) d

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