PM Order Created Automatically

Have a customer who wants to simplify the PM process creating the PM Order, like doing it automatically with a predefined pattern. How can we do it? 

Create a Maintenance Item with a Maintenance Plan. 

Using standard SAP is the best thing you can do.  Prepare a general maintenance task list beforehand for corrective maintenance. Make sure you have a good list of possible operations, material components etc. When a failure occurs it's easy to create an order with IW31 transaction and copy the task list to the order. Now you only need to adjust the order accordingly. 

How do it: 

a) Go to IP42 and complete all fields, create the task list in the TASK LIST field or IA05, remember: to run automatically you need customizing Maintenance PACs and measuring points to use IK21 or IK11 for inputting (hours, days, Km, etc) 

b) Use IP10 to program a plan one-to-one or IP30 to run a list plans in background period and automatically creating a PM order (PM02 / Standard Preventive) that you can find weekly by IW38 / PM02. 


If your SAP PM is connected to plant control system, it's possible to generate work order in a few seconds for the breakdown equipment.  If not connected, then operations staff have to create notification immediately after equipment breakdown or manual call a maintenance plan for the breakdown equipment to create order.

For random failures, I think notification can be generated automatically if SAP PM is connected to facility / plant control system.  Otherwise there are a few options to choose: 

1) Operations personnel creates notification as soon as the failure occurs. 

2) Manual call a maintenance plan for the broken down equipment. 

3) Do the job first and then use historical notification type. 

4) Have a dedicated planner for managing work orders. 

5) Improve users SAP skills to use SAP because creating notification / order won't take more than 1 minute doing it.  Computers will not do any good if humans don't know how to do it in the first place.

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