Recording Measuring Docs. Against Work Orders

Has anyone recorded measuring documents (for an object/measuring point) against a work order. We can do it through notifications, but I was interested to see if someone has used work orders to capture measuring docs. if so then how did you do it.   Measurement documents can be created during the order completion confirmation process (IW41/42).  You don't need a notification.

You are right - we can recording measuring doc via IW42 - click in the  Meaurement/counter readings button and the pop up windows appear. 

You can also directly create measurement documents via your measurement points. 
Identify your measurement points first and use IK11 

Thanks Shirley, I forgot about the profile set up for completion confirmation config. You have to set the profile to show the meausring doc button. Thanks for the refresher, I had forgotten about it... :))

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