Sample List of Failure / Damage Code

What are the sample standard list of failure/damage code which I can use for Petrochem companies?

Basically for failure / damage we have created one catalogue including some GENERIC CODING, I think it can be applicable to any of companies using generic codification. 

Some common object element 9 & 40 generic damage code group are there where we can add damage code group etc.

Catalog Code grou    Short text (esc)     Status   Code    Short text for code

B       OBJPRT   Object Parts of All Mach   2    A01     Coolant Object Part
                                            2    A02     Electrical Object Part
                                            2    A03     Heating Object Part
                                            2    A04     Hydraulic Object Part
                                            2    A05     Instrumentation Object Part
                                            2    A06     Lubrication Object Part
                                            2    A07     Mechanical Object Part
                                            2    A08     Pneumatic Object Part
                                            2    A09     Refrigeration Object Part
C       DAMAGES  Problems                   2    P01     Abnormal condition
                                            2    P02     Accident
                                            2    P03     Air Lock
                                            2    P04     Bend
                                            2    P05     Blow Off
                                            2    P06     Broken
                                            2    P07     Burnt
                                            2    P08     Clogged
                                            2    P09     Crack
                                            2    P10     Damaged
                                            2    P11     Deterioration
                                            2    P12     Disengaged
                                            2    P13     Dry Solder
                                            2    P14     Earthling
                                            2    P15     Enlarged
                                            2    P16     High Level
                                            2    P17     Irregular Temperature
                                            2    P18     Leak
                                            2    P19     Leak of Lubrication
                                            2    P20     Loose
                                            2    P21     Low Level
                                            2    P22     M/c Level
                                            2    P23     Mis-Alignment
                                            2    P24     Noisy
                                            2    P25     Open Circuit
                                            2    P26     Operating Error
                                            2    P27     PCB Failure
                                            2    P28     Poor Adjustment
                                            2    P29     Poor Contact
                                            2    P30     Poor Insulation
                                            2    P31     Power Failure
                                            2    P32     Pressure Drop
                                            2    P33     Program Corrupt
                                            2    P34     Setting Error
                                            2    P35     Short Circuit
                                            2    P36     Slip
                                            2    P37     Tight/Rusty/Jam
                                            2    P38     Tripped
                                            2    P39     Wear
                                            2    P40     Wrong Wiring

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