SAP PM Questions Answers on Functional Locations 

 Q:   Is the functional location structure indicator unique across the system?
 A:    Across clients but not systems.

 Q:    What must you do if you have assets (functional locations) with the same number in several plants?
 A:    You must use the plant reference number as the first level of the functional location structure.

 Q:    Which functions can be executed with functional locations and reference locations
 A:    Function
        Functional Location
        Reference Location
        Install Equipment
        Create Order
        Assign Measuring Point
        Assign Documents
        Enter Multilingual Texts

  Q:  What is the menu path for displaying the structure of a functional location in list form and as a graphic?
  A:   plant maintenance>technical objects>functional location>structual display

  Q:  Give five examples of functional location structures.
  A:   Chemical Process, Energy (power station), Property Management, Transport, Steelworks, Production line.

  Q:   What steps must be defined in customising for alternative labelling?
  A:   Activate alternative labelling and indicators for primary label. Create a new structure indicator, define labelling system.

  Q:   How do you define an own view for alternative label?
  A:   Activate alternative labelling, define labelling systems for functional locations, enter label internal view.

  Q:   What level of functional locations should be changed for alternative labelling?
  A:   Second level functional locations are to be changed, in changing master records extras>alternative labels>overview, change label ‘internal view’ choose structure indicator and press refresh.

  Q:   What is the menu path for creating a user profile?
  A:   Plant maintenance>technical objects>functional location>labels>user profile.

  Q:   What functions are determined by the category of the functional location?
  A:    Change documents, status profile, asset, object information key, partner determination, measuring point category.

Tips by : Bill

Differentiate between reference functional location and functional locatrion.

Reference Function location is a logical Function location its not a physical functional location like a functional location.

You can not install an equipment to an reference functional location since it is not a physical location.

Reference functional location is used when you want to create several similar functional location.

Assume our Structural indicator is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx   If you need to create serveral functional location in the second hierarchy level like xxxx-ABCD, xxxx-EFGH, xxxx-IJKL etc (any no of FL)

You need not enter the details like structural indicator , location , plant, main work center,  mainteanace plant etc everytime you create a new FL with these common datas.

Instead you create RFL like AAAA-BBBB give these common datas and use this RFL as reference for new FL you create.

This triggers horizontal data transfer for all the FL you created through reference to this RFL.

It save lots of time while giving data. Also if you need to modify a data, you can modified at only one level ie RFL it automatically gets copied to all the FL that has referenced. So data maintenance is global.

Tips by : Gururaj

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