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How can I hide a tab page from equipment master. e.g I want to hide the tab page 'Classfication ' ?
How I can add new tab page say ' New Clasification' ?

You need to create/change view profile attached to the relevant equipment category. You can change add or hide any of the tabs present for usage and also set any tab title.

Plant Maintenance and Customer Services-> Master Data in Plant Maintenance and Customer Service
->Technical Objects ->General Data -> Set View Profiles for Technical Objects

Then assign this profile to the equipment category in :
Plant Maintenance and Customer Services-> Master Data in Plant Maintenance and Customer Service
->Technical Objects -> Equipment -> Maintain Equipment Category        *-- Ravi Dixit

How to attach a word document as well as an excel file to an Equipment?

You can attach the Word or Excel file to the equipment,
1) Go to change mode of Equipment ( IE02) put the equipment no. for which you have to attach the file & enter.
2) On left hand side on top you will find the button, services for object click on it.
3) Go to Create --- Create attachment now the sytem will allow you to attach the file.
4) To view the attachment again click on same button & click on attachment list.     *-- Hemant
Any one can give idea to attach , some document templet ( doc , htms , text etc.) to notification?  
Our appliction entails WHY-WHY analysis sheet attachment to notification. 
1) selecting notification type, why - why sheet should be attached automatically.
2) why why format will be a templet and will be fixed cutomer based format.
3) on notification display report, if document is attached the there should be visible link .

In the notification creation screen there is a button for "Services for Object". In that select "Create Attachment".  Locate the file and attach it.  The attachment list will be shown if you again click the same button and select "Attachment list". The list will show the documents attached and you can view by clicking them.
We also do Why-why analysis but in a different way.  Instead of bothering with the existing format/template, we looked into the contents of the analysis.  We found that the information actually was which part got damaged, what was the damage and the cause for the damage.
 These information can easily be codified and included in the notification itself as 'object part', 'damage code' and 'cause code'.  The user has to only select the relevant codes which pertains to the why-why analysis.  Later on you can also conduct a search on the number of notifications pertaining to "how many times a "shaft of a pump" (object part) got "sheared" (damage)..." and know the causes for it.
The codes for these - object part, damage code and cause code can be created through the maintenance of Catalog profile.
*-- Sundar

What are Order Steps in Plant Maintenance?

Following are the steps:
1) There are 2 ways to create the order, you can create directly by using t-code IW31 or you can create through notification also.
2) Release the order.
3) Assign the operations, & components if required for that order.
4) Goods movement for order t-code MB11
5) Confirmation of order t-code IW41
6) Teco the order t-code IW32
7) Settlement of order t-code KO88
8) Closing of order t-code IW32      *-- Hemant

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