Serial Number Management

What is serial number management?

Serial number management allows you to distinguish between individual items of a material that are managed with a single material number.


Company A produces three different types of Batteries :

Type X

Type Y

Type Z

There is a material master record for each type in the system. For control purposes, the company wants to know which customer received which battery type, and which serial number(s) of the battery type were supplied to the customer, when the individual batteries were delivered.

It is therefore necessary to assign a serial number to the customer delivery in addition to the material number.

A serial number master record is created with the assignment of the serial number. You can maintain data fields specific to the serial number in the master record.

Create Serial Number for material -Tcode IQ04

At a later date, it may be necessary to enter equipment master records for materials that have already been serialized and delivered to customers, for example, if the producer of the batteries also has to perform maintenance activities for the customers and therefore wants to use all the functions available in the equipment master record for a serialized material.

In order to keep this option open at any time, you must define a number range for serial numbers. The numbers assigned from this number range are not the serial numbers but reserved keys that stand for the combination of material number and serial number and the equipment number that may possibly be assigned.

You can also define one or more serial number profiles.

The serial number profile defines how and under which conditions a serial number is assigned for a material.

Use T.Code OIS2

1. Create a serial number profile by entering an alphanumeric key with a maximum of four characters as well as a description.

2. Choose "Serialization transactions".

3. With Table view -> Other view , you reach the data screen on which you can define the serial number usage and equipment required.

4. In addition, specify whether the allocation of the serial number should be carried out mandatorily or optionally. If serial numbers are not required, they can be created during document processing.

5. Enter the equipment category for serial numbers


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