Service Management Functionalities For Equipment Procurement

Is it possible to use Service Management functionalities to track Procured equipment warranties, repairs, exchanges, reconditioning etc?

In Sd, if the company is in selling of equipments which are serviceable then they use the functionality Customer Service integrated with Sales and Distribution.

The Process Flow is as follows:

The material mostly if serviceable like computers, Fax machines, Photocopier etc are managed via serial number's.

We raise SO - Del (Serial number assigned) - Bill as normal order to cash cycle.

Then, there is a concept of functional location i.e. the locations where the equipment is located like the customers place so create customer place as functional location.

In the serial number profile - equipment necessary is 02 activated.

Whenever we create serial number equipment number created, we can go to IQ08 and locate the equipment no. via the serial number sent.

Then go to change mode of equipment master and assign the functional location, const type (to get the material BOM).

Now whenever complaint comes - two processes comes - like our service agent has to go to customer place or equipment is delivered to us for repair and then we send repaired equipment to customer.

Process I - We send equipment to customer is a revenue bearing Service order.

Process II - customer returns equipment for repair then it is a Repair order.

For both process I and ii we raise service notification i.e. S1 type for process 1 and S4 type for process 2 in TC IW51.

From this service notification we raise spare part order if only spare parts to be supplied - SPO in Std or Raise Service Order if we send technician to site.

From s4 notification type - we raise the repair order RAS and take returns delivery, raise service order, then complete repairs and delivery it back to customer and settle the service order to COPA.

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